Earth Day Loving Outfit

Happy Earth Day! What a perfect day to publish my first fashion post on the blog, right beauties? Last night I watched a powerful documentary called The True Cost that inspired me to share my first look with you! This is a very powerful movie that I recommend you watching to understand the reality of what goes behind sweatshops and fast fashion (It’s on Netflix!)

Through this section I want to show you that there are many companies out there that are eco-friendly and/or fair-trade and/or vegan that offer great options!

Here’s a vegan look ideal for this time of the year when the temperatures are rising!

Shirt by Ana Arango: this Colombian designer is committed to generate fair employment in her country. I love her fun and colorful pieces that will definitely make a statement.

Shorts by Gap: this company has a water quality program that monitors denim laundries’ wastemaster discharge to minimize their footprint.

Mala necklace by Mala Collective: all of their silver necklaces, mala beads and wooden carvings are consciously handmade by artisans in Bali.

Plain silver ring by Mamie Ruth: this bohemian local brand offers handmade pieces that are all made in the store!