Endless Summer

Summer is a season that many people around the world wait for impatiently all year round, but in the south it can be a bit overwhelming and feel endless. I love summer but the temperatures in Savannah sometimes rise up to 115F with 100% humidity and that’s not exactly my definition of fun.

It’s hard to believe that the hottest season of the year has almost come to an end, that’s why I think it’s about time for me to share the details of this boho sustainable look.

Dress by Tennis: I love this Colombian brand that uses cotton as their main material. No animals harmed!

Vest by Gap: they have a water quality program to reduce water use and pollution, they just became part of the Better Cotton Initiative and they’re constantly working on reducing their GHG emissions while helping communities along the way. If you feel you need more reasons to support this brand read more here.

Crystal necklaces by Crystal Tonic: handcrafted necklaces made in the U.S. by a Venezuelan designer… Love supporting talented people from my country, especially if their creations are charged with positive energies.

Rings: collected from different trips arouns Savannah, England and Mexico.

Vintage bracelet: a family member got it for me for Christmas from an antique shop. Getting second hand itesm is a great way to reuse, reduce and recycle