Hello 31: Yoga Retreat at Dahlonega Spa Resort

For some reason I had the desire to do something new and different for my 31st birthday. Well, I always have the desire to try new things and visit new places, but this time I wanted to do something that would bring peace to my heart.

During the summer we talked about visiting the Georgia mountains but we never did, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to explore the area. I started doing some research online and found a holistic hotel called Dahlonega Spa Resort.

I looked into their website and fell in love with the simplicity of the place. Wood cabins, no TV, vegan food available… A dream come true! The craziest thing is that as I was scrolling through their website I noticed that they offer yoga and meditation retreats and, guess what? There was one on my birthday weekend!

I asked Bobby what were his thoughts on that and he said that if that’s what I wanted to do on my birthday he was down for it. The thing is that he’s never done yoga before so I was happily surprised about his openness to try something completely out of his comfort zone.

We signed up for the Yoga by Helen retreat on Thanksgiving night and the next weekend we were off.

As we were driving up to the main house of the hotel I could feel my heart filling with joy. It seemed like such a peaceful place that I couldn’t stop smiling! The resort has a yoga hall, a spa, a hot tub, a maze and it’s completely surrounded by woods and nature trails. Also the food was absolutely delicious. They will accommodate any dietary restrictions and have tons of options to satisfy any palate.

On our way to Dahlonega I decided that for the entire duration of the retreat I was going to turn off my electronics. I didn’t bring my computer and shut down my phone. Since there’re no TVs in the cabins I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with my true self through nature.

It was 15 of us and Bobby was the only man. Everyone was so kind and grateful for the opportunity to be spending the weekend in such a beautiful place.

We had 4 yoga classes that were pretty gentle, which was great for Bobby’s first exposure to this practice and also pretty good for my muscles that were in need of some deep stretch. We also made malas, we trance dance, hiked and meditated… A lot!

During those 2 days I had the opportunity to reflect on who I am and the things that I want to work on and improve. I decided that for 2017 I’m going to focus on self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. I believe that if we embrace these 3 aspects in our lives the possibilities are endless…