lululemon Ambassador Summit 2017

I started wearing lululemon about 5 years ago and rapidly became obsessed with the brand. Their products have great design and the quality is simply the best.

Back then I was living in Chicago and met a few people that were ambassadors for the brand, that’s when I realized that lululemon is so much more than just great workout clothes.

Their ambassadors are leaders in the community. They irradiate the best vibes, lift each other up, motivate and inspire those around them to become the best version of themselves. I wanted to be part of their tribe.

A couple of years later I moved to Savannah and met a few people that worked at the lululemon showroom to whom I expressed my interest in creating a run club. That idea didn’t turn into reality because, shortly after, they closed the showroom to open the first lululemon store in town.

I was super excited when I heard the news but little did I know about what was coming my way. December of 2014 I was in Panama visiting my family and I got a message from Sara, the store manager, saying that she wanted to meet with me when I get back. I’ll never forget the day that we sat down to grab coffee and she asked me if I wanted to be an ambassador for the new store… Wow you guys! You definitely attract what you want and when you work towards a goal dreams turn into reality!

Of course I said yes and from that day my relationship with the brand has grown and evolve tons!.

Because I knew other ambassadors I was aware of this thing called the Ambassador Summit and, even though I didn’t know exactly what it was all about, I told Sara I wanted to go. She explained to me that the summit was not something that you just sign up and attend, you have to be selected and invited!

Here’s the deal. There’re like 2,000 ambassadors around the world and only 100 get invited each year. That first year passed by and I didn’t hear about the summit… I kind of forgot about it until about 2 months ago when my friend (and assistant store manager) Britt told me that I had been selected to go!

I jumped, laughed and cried of excitement!!! Again, what you think you attract.

For 7 weeks I was counting the days for my trip to Whistler. The day finally came and I decided to spend the weekend in Toronto visiting my best friend Andrea. That Sunday I jumped on a plane and headed to Vancouver.

I’ve never been to Canada before and completely fell in love with the places I visited… I definitely need to go back and take some time to explore the west coast! For that night they put me at the gorgeous Fairmont Waterfront where I was really happy to learn about their green initiatives.

I arrived around 6 p.m. and shortly after I walked to have the most amazing vegan dinner at MeeT on Gastown (cheeseburger with double bacon anyone?) Next day I woke up early and went to a kick-ass spin class at Ride Cycle Club followed by a delicious breakfast at Melu Juice & Health Bar. I walked around for a hour or so, grabbed my bag and headed to the lululemon headquarters. Can I just move to BC and get a job there? Thanks!

There I got to meet some of the employees, ambassadors and toured the whole place… Including the “secret” areas where they even gave us the new enlite bra, which I got to test right away on a treadmill and absolutely loved it! I also visited the lab, ate a delicious macro bowl and then took a Freelosophy class (basically the best stretching class with tons of massages included)... Exactly what I needed before our 2 hour bus ride to the mountains.

The ride to Whistler was absolutely gorgeous. Mountains on one side and water on the other. We got to the Four Seasons that have been rented entirely for our summit! We checked in and went to our room to find that my roommate was Stephanie from Atlanta! There we had a beautiful lulu bag waiting for each of us full of new clothes for us to test and then share our feedback with the design team! Pants, tops, shirts, socks, hats, jackets, yoga mats, yoga blocks, you name it!

That night we mingled, had dinner and drinks.

At this point I’ve already met so many wonderful souls. People from all over the world: China, Hong Kong, Australia, France, New Zealand, UK, Canada, U.S., Malaysia and many other places.

The time I was there I laughed, cried, meditated, sweat, went ziplining, did yoga, ate delicious food, drank tons of wine, danced, hiked and relaxed at the Scandinave Spa but most important I got motivated and inspired by all the stories I encountered along the way. Stories like Kevin Pierce’s whose journey led him and his brother Adam to start the LoveYourBrain Foundation.

I deeply connected to all the people around me and this helped me connect with my inner self. Who am I? What are my goals? What are my fears? Those were just some of the questions that thanks to this experience I was able to answer. I was also remembered that our name, ethnicity, religion, sex and nationality don’t really matter. All that matters in the present moment is who we’re and what we want to achieve in life. We may all come from different backgrounds but in the end we’re all the same, we’re all one: I’m you and you’re me.

I will forever be grateful to lululemon and especially to the lululemon Savannah team for making this dream come true. lululemon is so much more than just a clothing brand. It’s growth, community, support, encouragement, passion.

Being able to attend the summit completely surpassed my expectations and came just at the right time in my life. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals that just have the best attitude and vibes, that care about lifting each other up without competing or judging and that are interested in what everyone has to say and offer while making our planet a better and more positive place was extremely motivating and filled my heart with absolute joy.