New Year's Resolutions Reality Check

If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you may remember that in last week’s e-mail I shared some of my thoughts about what to do with the resolutions we set back in December now that we are officially half way through the year (if you are not subscribed I invite you to do it in the column to the right of this article to get recipes, tips and motivation straight to your inbox --->)

Every December we are all pumped up because it’s time to finally set up our resolutions for the upcoming year. We say to ourselves that this time we are really going to work hard to achieve those things we’ve been wanting to do so bad: lose weight, run faster, finish a 5K, stop eating junk, cut sugar, drink more water, go to church every Sunday, spend more time with our families... You name it!

January is here. We start taking all the necessary steps to reach our goals and, usually, when July comes around we still haven’t achieved most of them. Maybe we forgot about them, maybe some of them are not a priority anymore, or maybe we just gave up… I feel your pain; I’ve been there so many times!

The truth is that those goals are just ideals that we establish to measure ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, this is great! But sometimes we can feel the pressure and think we’ve failed if we don’t achieve X thing by X day. I consider myself a goal oriented person and I always encourage the people I work with to set their goals and work towards them, but we need to remember that as we evolve, our goals evolve too and that’s ok.

Here are some tips that may help you look at the bright side of things:

  • Set intentions. Goals are great but intentions are better. Ask yourself why do you want that thing so bad? To feel good? Look good? Be good? Once you are clear on your goals, always come back to these intentions… They will keep you accountable and help you overcome the obstacles that may arise.
  • Like I said before life is constantly flowing and we need to embrace the changes that may come our way. Just because we said we were going to do something 6 months ago it doesn’t mean that it’s written in stone. If your goal was to run a 5K but you got injured or realized that you don’t enjoy running it’s ok. Just remember your intention and set up a similar goal that aligns with it, like for example being more active incorporating any other physical activities.
  • If you haven’t work hard enough, you constantly remember your intentions and there hasn’t been any changes in your life, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just get up again! You don’t need to wait until January 1st to start from scratch. Every day you have to take many decisions, just be sure that the next one you make takes you a step closer to where you want to be.
  • Remember that goals are only temporary ideals. Once you reach them you are going to want more and that’s great! Keep setting up intentions and goals and keep working hard. Keep evolving and becoming a better version of yourself every day!
  • Smile. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can always smile! Don’t let your unfulfilled goals keep you from enjoying the gift of life because you never know when will be your last day on Earth.

Getting out of our comfort zones is hard, but once we get over an obstacle the satisfaction is so great that we feel completely empowered…. Let’s get started today!