Eating Raw Foods + #yogaraw Challenge

I’m so excited because tomorrow we start our 3-day #yogaraw challenge/giveaway on Instagram; and I say we because my friend Heather and I are hosting it!

The idea of the challenge is for everyone to start incorporating more raw foods into their diets by making 1 plant-based raw meal a day and also to start introducing some yoga into their lives. The benefits of both practices are amazing and will definitely help clear your body and mind.

Everyone who participate will be entering a giveaway to take home a $50 gift card from Sivana, a box full of yoga goodies from Yogi Surprise and a 1-hour health coaching consultation over the phone with me! All you have to do is:

1.     Follow @thetrendysmoothie and @hkyoga on Instagram

2.     Re-post our challenge flyer on your Instagram account using #yogaraw

3.     Tag 3 friends who you think would love to participate on our flyer post

4.     Post 1 pic a day for the next 3 days of either your raw meal or yoga posture using #yogaraw

Now let’s talk about raw foods. Raw foods are those who haven’t been exposed to heat and therefore their nutritional value remain intact. You can warm up your veggies or fruits up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit and they’d still be considered raw.

When we cook vegetables and fruits we are killing most of their vitamins, minerals and enzymes, especially if we roast them or use very high temperatures. It’s very easy to coat our veggies with oil and salt, heat them and then eat them but, when we do this, we are missing most of their benefits.

When you incorporate raw foods into your diet you are:

  • Lowering your chances of developing cancer and heart disease.
  • Cleaning your body from the inside out so your skin appearance will improve and clear.
  • Increasing your energy levels naturally.
  • Fighting chronic diseases.
  • Consuming much more fiber, which improves constipation and aid digestion.
  • Getting rid of inflammation. 

A lot of people think that salads are the only way to eat raw veggies and fruits but the truth is that there’re infinite options. You can make ice-cream, smoothie bowls, zucchini pasta, cheesecakes and more.

For the next 3-days I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes on Instagram and Heather will be guiding you through some fun yoga postures and transitions so make sure to follow us and enter the giveaway!