Organic vs. Conventionally Grown vs. GMOs

There is so much information going around about organic, conventional and GMO produce that sometimes it can get a little bit overwhelming. Ideally, we will just buy and eat organic fruits and veggies, but that can get very expensive.

If your pocket doesn't allow you to buy everything organic, then just follow these simple rules:

  • Everything you don't peel: buy organic
  • Everything you peel: buy conventionally grown 
  • Never: buy GMOs

Another good way to figure out what to get organic is following the Dirty Dozen, which is a list of the produce with the highest content of pesticides. You could also check out the Clean Fifteen that, in the contrary, is a list of the produce with the lowest amounts of pesticides so you can get all these conventionally grown.

On the other hand, you should never buy GMOs. Why? Because these are genetically modified, which means that they have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by generic engineering techniques. GMOs are unhealthy, they contaminate our planet and increase herbicide use which harm the environment.

So when you are at the grocery store, how can you tell which fruits/veggies are produced, which are conventional and which are GMOs?

I found this great and simple to understand graphic from Shawna Knowles that explains how you can easily identify them:

Be smart and think twice when picking your produce. Remember that everything they put on them when they are growing will end up in your body!