No Makeup Basic Makeup

Like most women I like makeup, but I definitely don’t use tons of them on a daily basis. This is probably because I’m usually coming from the pool, going for a run, riding my bike and working from home so no need to get a lot of stuff in my face that will end up clogging my pores. Don’t get me wrong. I love wearing makeup every day but I just go heavier on special occasions, when I go out with friends or on the weekends.

Unfortunately, dealing with PCOS has resulted in some blemishes so I don’t feel comfortable going out with my bare skin. I don’t have a terrible complexion but I also don’t have a great one so I wanted to share with you these products that I've been wearing lately and that give me a natural look while covering all the little imperfections making me feel more comfortable.

All these natural brands are great for sensitive skins. Getting good quality makeup is very important if you have problematic skin or if you wear tons of it. This way you can avoid breakouts and rashes.

I suggest you doing some research on the brands you use. Most of them use a lot of chemicals, fragrances and toxic ingredients that could give you allergies and could even cause certain types of cancer. I recommend you downloading the app Think Dirty where you can scan your beauty products and make sure that they won’t harm your body.

There’re many great high quality makeup brands that care about you. Do some research and make the right choices!