Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2017


Y’all may remember that a few weeks back I shared my debate about running or not running the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon after not being able to run for 7 months. I thought I was just going to train for 3 weeks to ease back into running. The thing is that I’m a goal oriented person and if I don’t have a race in mind it can be hard to put the effort in.

A couple weeks into my training I started noticing some improvement and realized that maybe I was going to be able to run at around 2 hours, which was huge for me at the time. I was not going for any PR (1:40) because I know I’m not even close to my best running shape right now but I was feeling a bit stronger. 

Funny how life goes. About a week before the race they contacted me and asked if I wanted to pace the 2:30 half because the pacer backed off. I got so excited and of course accepted. You can read here and here how much I love pacing. When I’m not training hard for a race pacing is a rewarding way to participate and help others achieve their goals.

Honestly a 2:30 half is hard for me because my half marathon pace is anywhere between 7:40-7:55 min./mile and this is 11:27 min./mile… That’s a lot of long and slow pounding of the knees for me. I knew I could have probably ran anywhere in the high 8s but since the goal was just to finish I thought it was a great opportunity to give back to the sport I love so much + I’ve done it before and I knew what I was getting myself into.

I started with a group of about 10 people and finished with about 2. The expo was great, as usual. I picked up my stuff without any inconvenience and went home. I didn’t put much effort on nutrition… I can’t even remember what I had for dinner or breakfast that day!

The weather channel was showing high temperatures but it never got too hot during the half. I started feeling the heat on the last miles but it was fine.

I got so inspired by those running with me: a woman that was hit by a truck a couple years back and now was running this race, a 70+ year old man that came all the way from the Canadian west coast to run, a guy around my age that was training for his first full marathon… emotions and motivation all around!

The best part of the race was around mile 6 when we passed our lululemon cheer station… so much energy! That section of the race is full of people and it’s nice to see so many familiar faces supporting this great event.

After the race was over I hanged around for the first time to watch the concert because it was Fitz And The Tantrums and I love love love their music… They were amazing!!! We danced so much and had the best time.

Since I felt good, a couple of weeks later I decided to go for an 18-mile run to test myself. I did it slowly but felt fine and then today I ran 20 miles. Because of this I decided to sign up for the Jacksonville Marathon in 4 weeks with very little training but 2 long runs under my belt. I’m leaving town and will be traveling for a couple of weeks where I won’t be doing any running so this is it. Doing it for fun and to hopefully get marathon #12 under my belt. It’s amazing how wise the human body is and how with determination we can achieve whatever we set our minds to!