LXMI: luxury, sustainability and beauty!

It’s no news that I’ve struggled with skin issues during the past 2-3 years. After trying many things I’ve realized that my issue is mainly hormonal and also that I’m allergic to dairy. This means that when I’m about to get my period and that when hidden dairy finds its way into my plate my skin breaks out.

Acne and dull skin will crush anyone’s confidence. Our face is the first thing people see and we want to portray our best self into the world.

Finding the right natural products that control my breakouts, clear old spots and hydrate my skin at the same time has been a challenge so I’m super happy that LXMI has come into my life.

LXMI is a luxurious, fair-trade and organic beauty brand that offers high quality creams that will nourish your skin with real ingredients. They offer the purest and most effective formulas using rare, powerful and potent botanicals from all over the planet.

Their creams are organic and are produced in harmony with the community and the environment. They provide living wage work to women uplifting them globally!

These unique line is changing my skin and my life. This may sound like a dramatic statement but it’s the truth. When my skin is balanced I feel good, I can focus on what matters and tackle my days with more energy and self-confidence, that’s why I want to share all this info with you.  

I’ve been using the Crème Du Nil during the day and the Pure Nilotica Melt at night.

The Crème Du Nil has reduced the appearance of my pores while hydrating my skin leaving a healthy dewy look. It’s very light and absorbs fast so it’s great to wear first thing in the morning under my makeup.

The Pure Nilotica Melt is a thicker balm that’s perfect for a deeper hydration during the night. This has helped reduce old scars and redness while keeping breakouts under control. It feels like butter on the skin and the benefits are life-changers.

LXMI is a brand that’s changing the concept of luxury skincare. It’s bringing to the market a revolutionary line that attacks the common problems of every skin type while taking care of the environment. Luxury, sustainability and beauty… All in one! This is exactly the type of brands that I like to support, the ones that the world needs and the ones that our bodies are craving!

You can find these magic vegan potions at Sephora online! Give them a try… You’ll thank me later!