Hilton Head, SC

Bobby and I have been talking about taking a little getaway for a while now. Our schedules have been all over the place so we finally set a date to go to the beach… Now, where should we go?

Since we could only take a couple of days off we analyzed the options near home and decided to go to Hilton Head Island, SC. Even though this popular destination is less than an hour from home I’ve only been once for the day and that was seven years ago… I was ready to finally experience it all!

We stayed at The Sea Pines Resort and our whole experience was great. This place is not only beautiful, luxurious and rich in history but they also care about our planet. Its founder was very passionate about preserving the environment so it’s a great sustainable hotel:

  • This resort has been recognized because of their recycling efforts (they recycled 400 tons of materials in 2014)
  • They use programmable thermostats and lights to conserve energy.
  • They use recycled wastewater.
  • They turn food and landscaping waste into usable compost.
  • Their three golf courses are Audubon Certified, which means that they achieved certification in Environmental Planning, Chemical Use Reduction & Safety, Water Conservation, Water Quality Management, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education.
  • All their golf courses are also GEO (Golf Environment Organization) Certified, which means that they’re managed in a sustainable and environmentally ethical manner.
  • They offer Molton Brown products as toiletries, brand that doesn’t test in animals.  

These are only a few of the efforts they do day after day, if you want to learn more you can do so here.

During our stay we enjoyed biking around the beautiful green trails. We also spent quality time at the beach and by the pool. The weather was absolutely gorgeous since it was sunny but breezy as well… Not too hot or too cold, just right!

We ate at three different restaurants and they all had vegetarian options. They were also very accommodating by leaving the cheese behind when asked. We ate at Links, Lowcountry Produce Market & Café and Santa Fe Café.

We also got to meet one of my really good friends from when I lived in Chicago for a drink that was vacationing there with his family… What a small world!

Before heading back home we visited Smooth, a delicious juice bar full of plant-based drinks and Delisheeyo, the most beautiful vegetarian place I’ve ever been to! The latter has plants in every single corner and their menu is just amazing. I had a smoothie and took one of their bowls back home for lunch. They also have a small patio in the back to sit and relax!

Now I’m packing my bags for my trip to Canada but I’m already looking forward to visit this little southern gem again!