Miramar Beach, FL

I’ve come to a point in my life where I appreciate much more getting an experience as a present than a material object. A trip, a dinner, a concert… Anything that will create great memories with the people that I love the most. Thank God Bobby agrees with me.

Back in March I asked him what did he wanted for his birthday. He made things easy and said that all he wanted was to go to a beach in Florida’s panhandle with his best friend Jay and wife Angie. I told him that it was going to be a tough thing to do because we all have different schedules and blah blah blah… All this so he’d think that it was not going to happen.

After looking into it and coordinating with his friend I found a great condo on the water through My Vacation Haven in Miramar Beach. It was hard to keep the secret for 3+ weeks but I knew it was to be worth it.

His birthday came around and when I gave him the surprise his whole face lit up! He was so excited and literally started counting the days until our trip to the beach.

After seven hours of driving we got to the beautiful blue waters and white sands. The condo I rented for five days was just absolutely perfect: tons of space for four people, super clean, balcony and beach view! One of the things that surprised me the most was how many new stores and restaurants are in this area, seems like it’s growing by the second!

Every morning Angie and I woke up around seven to go to a yoga class on the beach with Destin Yoga By The Sea. This was the perfect way for us to start out day: stretching and moving our bodies surrounded by nature with the sound of the birds singing and the waves crashing.

After that we headed to Formula Fresh and I was delighted day after day with their smoothies, juices and delicious bowls.

The last night we went to Seaside because we had the best memories from when we visited last summer. I had to go back to get a juice at Raw & Juicy and a couple of bags of their amazing CoCo-Mac Nut Crunch, which I devour in like 3 days. We also had a great dinner at Bud & Alley’s

Other than that we hanged out by the beach, ate tons of fruits and played board games. Good company, tons of laughs and great memories!