When you live in the present moment wonderful things can happen.

Every year Bobby works one night at a special event at a Braves game. I’ve been going with him for a few years now and we’ve always made the trip in a day (drive 4 hours, work 3 hours, drive 4 hours… again!). Since it gets pretty exhausting this year I suggested that maybe we could spend a night in Atlanta. The game was on a Saturday.

That week came around and by Monday I haven’t looked into any hotels. That night I had an ambassadors’ event at lululemon and as soon as I walked in I overheard my friend and fellow ambassador Stephanie talking to the store’s manager about this magical place called Serenbe that she just visited with her daughter. I jumped in the conversation and she mentioned that it was all about sustainability and that I’d love it… Oh! And that it was right outside of Atlanta!

The way she described it got me super curious so I went home and looked into it. The whole concept of an eco-friendly community just outside of the city got me super excited so I brought it up to Bobby and we decided to book a room at their inn so we could just drive to Atlanta from there on game day to break up the trip.

Serenbe is a beautiful sustainable community in the middle of the woods. The vision of its founders Steve and Marie Nygren is to protect the rural land outside of the city. All the houses have a front porch and they don’t have a backyard because they all face miles of green forest and trails. There’s a 25-acre organic farm that grows all the veggies that the 3 restaurants in the area use, a consignment store, a couple of convenience stores full of natural foods, shops that sell local handcrafts, an organic spa and a meditation labyrinth… Paradise!

Serenbe has won awards like the Land Institute Inaugural Sustainability Award and EarthCraft named it the “Development of the Year.” Many of the buildings you’ll find here are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and EarthCraft certified. There’re recycle bins in every corner, edible landscaping and a beautiful seasonal farmer’s and artisan’s market with live music every Saturday.

Here you can rent a house or stay at their beautiful eco-frienly hotel. When we walked into The Inn the first thing I noticed was that they have their own garden where they grow veggies and herbs for their restaurant. There’s also a family pool, an adult pool and a cute tree house. The room was absolutely beautiful and I loved the efforts they’re doing to take care of our planet: glass water bottles to use during the stay to reduce plastic waste, organic eco-friendly EO bath products and labeled recycling bins.

We ate at The Farmhouse and at Blue Eyed Daisy during our stay and I loved seeing that they had plant-based options including cold-pressed juices.

This is a piece of heaven on earth chicos and I can’t wait to go back… They have special yoga events and a Fall 5K/15K race, maybe I’ll see some of you there!