Toronto, Canada


When I learned that I had to connect in Toronto on my way to the lululemon Ambassador Summit I felt that it was a sign that was telling me that I had to stop there for a couple of nights to visit my best friend.

Andrea has lived there for a couple of years now and we’ve been like sisters for the past 18 years (although we’ve known each other since we were 7). She always says the best things about Toronto so I figured I could start my first visit to Canada there.

I made it happen and, even though I was only able to stay for 30 hours, I feel like we made the most out of this quick visit.

I flew in the evening so the first night we went to Cibo, a beautiful Italian restaurant with plenty vegetarian options… They even personalized our menus with “Clau in Toronto” so sweet! Then went out to some bars where we had tons of fun (and alcohol!) We made it back to her house pretty late and stayed up until 6 a.m. just talking and catching up.

Don’t even ask me how but I woke up at 8 a.m. to go to a spin class. Here’s where my determination skills come into the game… When I say I’m going to do something I do it. Back home I looked online at different spin studios and decided to go with Spokehaus. Then I learned that they just opened a SoulCycle (my obsession) near Andrea’s house but I was still happy with my decision because that way I could try something completely new.

Class was fun and they even played a couple of reggaeton tracks that I love so I left very happy to Greenhouse Juice Co. to get some liquid greens and cure my hangover. In the same King St. location you can find The Detox Market, a gorgeous store full of natural beauty products.

Around noon we headed to the St. Lawrence Market and this was one of the highlights of my short trip. The market is full of delicious food, coffee, fruits, flowers and much more! I got some vegetarian empanadas with kombucha and we sat outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Then we walked for a couple of hours around downtown and the Harbourfront Lakeshore and ended up at another friend’s house.

That night we went to eat some delicious thai food at Khao San Road and called it a night around midnight since I had to wake up early to catch my flight to Vancouver.

I really enjoyed how diverse Toronto is and would love to go back to go to a baseball or hockey game, visit the CN tower and some of their beaches!