Twin Cities, MN

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to go to Minneapolis but only for 24 hours. It was the end of the winter and we stayed in downtown. I only had a couple of hours to explore the city so I went for a run and it was magic. I remember that I logged about 6 miles around the Mississippi River including the Stone Arch Bridge.

This time around things were different. I had the chance to visit Minneapolis for a few days and decided to enjoy what it has to offer the best way I know: sweating and eating all around town. Working out at new studios, exploring while running and enjoying delicious food is all I want to do when I travel.

Since Bobby was there for work they put us at the JW Marriott at Mall Of America, the biggest mall in the U.S. This is a beautiful modern hotel about 20 minutes from downtown so Uber and the train became my BFF.

Below you’ll find what I did and what I wish I could have done… Just some tips in case you find yourself around the Twin Cities!

Day 1: we landed late and went straight to the hotel. The Green Bay Packers were staying at our hotel for a night and we got to see Aaron Rodgers walking in from the mall along with other players… whoop whoop! We ate a simple meal at the food court and crashed.

Day 2: Bobby was only working a couple of hours at Evine so I decided to go see him in action. This was a fun and chill day. I’ve been working out so hard all week that when we went back to the hotel I decided to rest and grabbed a bite to eat at Tiger Sushi, a good joint inside the mall. All their veggie rolls are dynamite but I highly recommend their darkened edamame roll! I also swung by lululemon. Since I became an ambassador for the brand I love checking out their different stores. They all have different themes and this one was gorge!

Day 3: woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go sweat with fellow lululemon ambassadors J.C. and Jess. I met J.C. at the lululemon Ambassador Summit earlier this year and I was so excited to reunite with him! We went to ALTR, a brand new beautiful studio. The place was super clean, music was pumping and they even had kombucha on tap to refuel after class… paradise! Love the fact that the bathrooms were unisex. After sweating it out I grabbed an acai bowl and some juices from Truce just a block away from the studio and couple of hours later I went back to meet J.C and took his killer class at Orangetheory Fitness in Eagan. So much energy and sweat dripping around. That afternoon I went back to Tiger Sushi with Bobby and then took the train to the Minehaha Park. This is a beautiful peaceful place. One of the things that caught my attention was how much nature there is around city! I walked around and crossed to St. Paul to watch the sunset from the Mississippi River Boulevard… so much magic in watching the leaves change while the sun is coming down. That night we ate at Cedar + Stone. We shared a bunch of fatty delicious bar food plates but I have to admit that the kale salad and the Brussel sprouts were on point.

Day 4: back to Evine for a couple of hours. Then headed to Alchemy. This studio is own by another fellow lululemon ambassador (Molly) whom I also met at the summit in Canada. The space was absolutely gorgeous, tons of light coming in, super clean and the friendliest staff. I took the 40 Minute A10 class and it was soooo good. Since I’m attempting to run the Savannah RnR Half, when I got back to the hotel I jumped on the treadmill and jogged for 4 miles. Lunch was a delicious protein bowl and local kombucha at Whole Sum Kitchen and then took the bus to Lake Calhoun… what a beautiful place! I walked around Uptown, went to the Walker Art Center and walked around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. That night we ate at Twin City Grill, packed and left first thing the next day.

No here’re a few things I wish I could have done and that I’ll probably add to my list for the next time I visit: 

  • Rent a bike and ride around Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles.
  • Run around the Minehaha Falls.
  • Pass on the treadmill and run outside through the trails near the hotel. I assume it was not a running friendly place but then found out that there was an awesome 5-mile route that I completely missed.
  • Visit the arboretum.
  • Have a smoothie at Passionflower.

Did y’all know that back in May named Minneapolis the fittest city in the U.S.?