Woodstock, VT


We’ve been wanting to go on a getaway for a few months. Sometimes It feels like we travel a lot but it’s usually for work and because of that Bobby gets little time off when out of town.

When we started talking about places that we could go for a week or so Lake Tahoe was the first thing that came to our minds. We started looking into it and then realized that October may not be the best time to go there because it’s too cold to do the fun summer stuff (a.k.a. paddle boarding, canoeing, etc.) but too warm to ski.

Then we talked about Sedona and finally he brought up Vermont. None of us have ever been there and to be honest the idea of it didn’t do anything for me (later I realized that it was because I had no clue about all the beauties that this state has to offer). Bobby kept saying that he had this romantic idea of Vermont in his head so we did some research and gave it a go.

Based on what we saw online we decided to spend most of our time in Woodstock. This was a tough decision because on Google almost all the towns looked the same. We were indecisive between Manchester and Woodstock but I read that Manchester was more touristy so we decided to go with the more local option.

Day 1: We flew into Burlington and when I saw the view of the city and Lake Chaplin from the plane I knew we were about to land in a very magical place. We rented a car and started driving. Some people recommended us to stop in Waterbury for lunch and we did. We explored the town for a couple of hours, had coffee and took the scenic route (100) to our destination.

I have to accept that I got a bit dizzy on the curvy drive but the views were completely worth it! Seeing the mountains, rivers and the beautiful foliage full of fall colors was something insanely gorgeous. Two hours later we made it to our hotel.

We were indecisive between staying at Woodstock Inn or 506 On The River Inn and went with the latter. Woodstock Inn is a beautiful hotel but the rooms didn’t look very appealing online. 506 On The River is a couple of miles away from the village, it’s smaller, newer and has a pretty cool vibe.

That night we ate at 506 Bistro (the hotel’s restaurant) and it was so good that we ended up eating there two more times! The bread was to die for and let’s not even get into the fries... I ate French fires literally every.single.day, I don’t even know how this happened! (vacation mode on)

Day 2: we went to the Woodstock Farmer’s Market, which kind of blew my mind. So much goodness in the middle of nowhere! Then we spent hours exploring the village and its cute little unique shops. This place is absolutely gorgeous and magical. We had a delicious lunch at Mon Vert Cafe, grabbed coffee at Woodstock Inn, hanged out at the library, played billiards and a board game at the hotel and ate dinner at the same place.

Day 3: hiking time! We knew the weather wasn’t going to be great during our stay so we had to take advantage of the non-rainy but cloudy day. We went on 2 beautiful hikes: Mount Peg and Mount Tom (took the long route) The views from both peaks were insane. We meditated, took pics, ran and were reminded of how blessed we are to be alive, to be part of this wonderful creation and to be surrounded by natural beauty.

Lunch was the best sandwiches at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market (tons of vegan options) and for dinner we ate at Worthy Kitchen (pretty heavy but delicious) The restaurant is super cool and they even have kombucha on draft!

Day 4: we drove around the beautiful town exploring the more residential areas. There are so many beautiful houses in the middle of the woods… I see why so many people retire there. We also went to Farmhosue Pottery and to Quechee to see the gorge, pretty impressive. We ate a delicious lunch at the Simon Pearce store and then visited some friends of Bobby who happened to be in town for work. Dinner? You guessed right… back at the hotel!

I wanted to try Red Rooster for dinner but honestly, we were so tired every night and the restaurant at the hotel was so good and it was rainy every night and I could go on and on… So, we didn’t go!

Day 5: road trip to Burlington! We went back to Quechee to check out some of the antique shops and they were full of beautiful stuff… If you’re into antiques this is paradise! We stopped at Montpellier for lunch and to see the capital of the state but instead grabbed coffee and headed to Stowe.

Stowe is a very popular ski area and even though the temps where in the 60’s we could see some snow at the top of the mountains. We rode on 108 to Smugglers Notch and ate lunch at The Kitchen. I also had the most amazing fall drink at PK Coffee: beetroot almond latte… Can’t wait to recreate this at home! We spent a few hours in the area and headed to Burlington.

That night we walked around Church St. and had the best vegan meal at a vegetarian restaurant called Revolution Kitchen, definitely worth checking it out. We started with their maple glazed Brussel sprouts and then had the kale Caesar salad and the revolution tacos followed by a big piece of carrot cake… is like all my favorite food in one meal!

Day 6: this morning I was between going for a run through the beautiful lake path or hitting a yoga class. Other than the hikes I didn’t moved tons this week and was feeling kind of stiff so decided to go with yoga (plus it was pretty chili out). They have tons of yoga studios but based on their schedule and location I went to Burlington Yoga for a runner’s class that was pretty much a good hour of deep stretch.

Then I hit Juice Box for a ginger shot and a green juice. It was a neat spot and loved that they made the juice to order. I also got a couple of raw bites… Oh! And did I mention that it’s owned by a fellow lululemon ambassador? Breakfast number two was yogurt, granola and another vegan granola and peanut butter bar from The Soup and then headed to the airport to go back home.

Vermont blew my mind. I really needed to reconnect with myself and with nature and this is a place that made it very easy. Renting a car and driving through different parts of the state was the best way to do it… The views were astonishing and it was nice to be able to stop whenever and wherever we wanted to explore some more.

Also. I realized right away that everyone was super friendly and the maple syrup flavored everything filled my tummy and heart with joy. Definitely hope to go back!